Roots of the catalan history


Let me take you for a trip into the past

Iberian tribe tombs from V century BC

We’ll transport ourselves to the beggining of the organized human settlemnt took place. Scenic viewpoint Olerdola is where the iberian tribes lived. Late on their culture was erased by the Romans. In the same area christians build St Michael’s church in XI century that still exist.

Later on we’ll stop at the bridge in Martorell on Llobregat river overlooking majestic mountain of Montserrat. That facility was traced during the roman times where the most important road; Via Augusta was located. Next to the bridge you can also find a Triumphal Arch.

Then we’ll travel to the year 1000 when Catalonia was a borderland between the Moorish kingdom of Al-Andalus and decimated christian territories were just recovering after muslim invasion.

The long-lived process of territorial reconquest (la reconquista defined Spanish identity for almost all of its history) started there. The hills are seeded by dozens of medieal fortresses and castle’s towers a real strongholds against cruel aggressors. Monastery cloisters embelish peacefull sights and recalls us about meticulous job done by different monks congregations that where responsible of recovering of spiritual, social, political and even economic life of the medieval society.

During the trip you will visit:

  • castle in Castelldefells
  • prehistoric iberian tribe settlement in Olerdola
  • monastery of Sant Cugat
  • roman – medieval bridge in Martorell
  • royal monastery in Pedralbes

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