Wine route through the Penedés region



Vineyards of Garraf Park just after the autumn harvest

Wine is a misterious liquid that connects it’s consumers with the long live mediterranean history.

Vine bottles theme as a design of Llopart cellars, Penedes.

It has always been used to amuse people and is obligatory ingredient of all the social meetings in southern Europe. Wine throughout the centuries created atmosphere of open mindness and dialog. Easily we can say that this drink constitutes a Catalan soul. And the highlight brand here would be local sparkling wine called CAVA. The most typical view while travelling in Penedes roads would be wineyards climbing up the hills.

The favorable mild microclimate is guaranteed thanks to the barrier of the majestic mountain of Montserrat protecting the wine yards from harsh and cold Pyrenees climate.

Hills of Montserrat as a natural courtain that tempers cold northern winds.

Wine experts admit high quality of Cava which like any other in the world reaches level of aclaimed Champagne.

This is all due to the faithfullness to the traditional winemaking secrets that where  passed sometimes through one dozen of genetations.


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